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Salma Hayek Nude Outdoor Posing

2012-Nov-2, 01:34

A couple of Salma Hayek nude fakes which look very much alike. In both of them, Salma is seen in the open on a hot sunny day. Although the surroundings look different, her postures are almost the same, and the nude bodies borrowed from other models only slightly differ from each other. However, the second pic lacks the naturalness of the first one, looking a bit artificial, and if we were to decide which one should win in the beauty contest, we would hesitate to vote for the first image which hardly has a few signs of being man-made.

nude salma hayek seen outdoors

nude salma hayek posing in the wheat field

By the way, some girls are brave enough to pose naked outdoors even in winter ...



Salma Hayek Hot and Wet

2012-Jun-28, 04:04

While posing for a new nude photo session, Salma Hayek is asked to fondle herself in a lazy manner as if she feels a bit horny. At first, she only follows the cameraman's directions, lying down naked onto the floor and starting stroking her sides and hips. But as she gets carried away, she begins to feel real pleasure. Her strokes grow harder on her bare boobs, and her fingers slide between her legs and into the pussy which immediately gets soaking wet. What started off as a common softcore shooting turns into a wild masturbation scene. According to Trillian, for Salma Hayek, getting nude usually means getting extremely excited sexually, and she does not even mind having sex with someone present afterwards.


 hot nude salma hayek fake


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Salma Hayek Nude Killer Girl

2012-Apr-5, 06:25

Isn't Salma lovely here? With nothing on to cover that amazing body, with that exposed trimmed beaver, with a shiny gun in her hand, she looks a real killer. And she does not even have to pull the trigger to shoot you down. The mere sight of her naked curves is mortally dangerous.

 salma hayek nude killer


Semi nude Eva Mendes posing with a gun in the hand


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Salma Hayek Nude Butt

2012-Feb-28, 02:50

A striped girdle - that is all Salma Hayek has on when she goes out onto the balcony to pose for a while. But the girdle is too short, of course, to cover and hide her marvelous butt which stays perfectly nude before the camera. And a remarkable detail. Can you see some pink patches on those nude buttocks? Someone has obviously been unable to resist the temptation, and gave that gorgeous nude butt several hearty slaps.

salma hayek nude butt



Nude Salma Hayek Spreads Pussy

2012-Jan-16, 04:56

 A hardcore pic starring Salma Hayek, all nude and exposed. Salma gets really dirty spreading her pussy lips with both of her hands!

 nude salma hayek spreads pussy for the camera


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Nude Salma Hayek Wearing Fishnet Tights

2012-Jan-9, 04:22

Of course, Salma is nude here. Even her attempt to put something on results in a more tempting looks of her nudity, because all she has on is just a pair of fishnet tights.

 nude salma hayek wearing fishnets


Elisha Cuthbert Nude Ass Covered With Fishnet Tights



Salma Hayek Nude

2012-Jan-9, 04:18

On the silver screen, you may so often see Salma Hayek dressed... let us fancy her getting nude. And let us also agree that Salma may not only do it from dusk till dawn, but in the daytime, too. We hope you will like this collection of Salma Hayek nude fakes, carefully picked in order to represent her nudity in the best possible way.

nude salma hayek poses on a swivel chair